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BeamDog installer... seriously?

ElizabethSterlingElizabethSterling Member Posts: 39
edited November 2012 in Windows PC (Archive)
One that needs to be raised. The Beamdog client has an option to change the path of the games... only when you do this it, without warning, DELETES EVERYTHING and FORCES YOU TO INSTALL AGAIN. That is frankly unacceptable.



  • scrodmongerscrodmonger Member Posts: 2
    I have just discovered this to my detriment, and wish I had read this post earlier, because it also deleted all the data for another Beamdog game, being the reboot of Star Control 2. SC2 had been working fine, and I had got a fair way into the game, and rather than doing something sensible like moving the data files to the new folder, the Beamdog client deleted all the data files in one fell swoop.

    Utterly underwhelmed, Beamdog; lift your game.

  • RedGuardRedGuard Member Posts: 672
    That sounds like a pretty significant oversight. They should at least come with a warning to move your save games to another folder whilst they re-install (not move) elsewhere.

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