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Paralysis/Poison/Death Saves

G'day everyone,

A general knowledge question if anyone knows - What spells, abilities or monster effects require this save?

Poison obviously, but I've looked through all sorts of spell listings and am hard pressed to find anything else that requires it - Finger of Death? Nope.
Slay Living? Nope
Disintergration? Nope
Flesh to Stone? Nope (not even petrification/polymorph)

I'm asking because my character has the chance to gain a permanent bonus to the save at some cost and I'm not sure it's worth taking.

Everyone free to argue the point.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,620
    Ghoul and Ghast paralyzation attacks. Sleep. Stinking Cloud. Beholder death rays. Wail of the Banshee and Demilich Howl. Black Blade of Disaster. There's enough of them out there, and it's often really bad when you fail a death save.
    Also, it's probably an even bigger deal at low levels, in BG1.

    All other saves are far less important than these two.
  • barker262barker262 Member Posts: 71
    I've started noticing the trend. Basically it seems that the Paralysis/Poison/Death Save category as a whole is devoted to monster based attacks that have a 'deadly' innateness to them. Spells are in the 'human' realm, but a 'Wail of the banshee' spell replicates the innate deadly attack of a banshee.
    I wonder if it's written somewhere in the game manual (or maybe the A D and D DM's guide).

    Cheers anyway, makes more sense now.
    I didn't end up getting it anyway, have to take the HLA - avoid death now. Sigh...
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