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can Viekang be killed in Trademeet or Saradush?

I tried to use Shapechange/Mind Flayer to bring his Intelligence to zero but it didn't seem to work...

Is there another way?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,620
    edited July 2022
    Both versions of Viekang have MINHP1. Which protects against death by zero HP, death by zero stats, death by level drain, death by imprisonment, death by disintegration, death by petrification, death by "slay", death by "kill", death by "power word: kill", death by Turn Undead, and a bunch of other things that aren't directly forms of death.

    There's not much left there. He's normally removed with a spell that uses the "unsummon creature" opcode, one thing MINHP1 doesn't protect against. But of course, you can't unsummon a random human just because. You can pop illusions with True Sight or thief Detect Illusion, but he's not an illusion. And of course there are script actions that would do it, but you can't apply those unless you use the cheat/debug console.

    On the other hand ... the Saradush version has this script block:
    	HasItem("minhp1",Myself)  // No such index
    	RESPONSE #100
    		DestroyItem("minhp1")  // No such index
    If you make him mad, his immortality item goes away. And all you have to do to trigger that is to attack him.
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 604
    At least my party can hang on to TOB to pick a fight with him (that we can actually win) if we feel the need...thanks!
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