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Avenger shapeshifts from level 1 - EEKeeper question

randomhero890randomhero890 Member Posts: 86
Trying to do a fun custom fighter/avenger multi class. Tried changing kit to avenger, added innate and effects part of kit as I have successfully done with other custom EEKeeper combos

Even though it is OP (let’s face it almost all EEKeeper custom combos are OP) I was hoping to be able to do shapeshifts at level 1 since I added the kit manually using EEKeeper

But alas, the game still won’t give me these innates until I manually advance my char’s druid level to 7. As a multi, I will have progressed through most of the first game before I get to level 7/7 as fighter/druid

Is there no way to use EEKeeper to cast these shapeshifts at level 1 as custom fighter/avenger multi?

Ty for any help
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