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Trying to keep a party with Neera and Edwin together

I wanted to try and cheat a little to make this possible, and it turns out that what this-
-guy said works: I cheated in the Girdle, paused and slapped it on Edwin right as he joined before he could complain about Neera and that prevented him from doing it forever. Even after I went to a temple to make him male again he stayed silent about her.
So i kept playing for a while with both of them thinking there will be no more problems, got Edwin's quest, did it, and a few days later he uses the Nether Scroll and becomes Edwina, for real this time.... and when that happens, the game seemingly tries to correct it's previous mistake with letting him join a party with Neera. After turning female, the circle around him will become blue instead of green, the green square around his portrait disappears and i can't control him. When i try to talk to him he says his line about refusing to join a party with Neera. Using the girdle on him again before he uses the scroll does nothing. Even removing Neera from the party beforehand does nothing, and when going tothe hidden refuge to pick her back up Edwin tries to leave again and the girdle trick doesn't work with neither Edwin nor Neera. It seems I can only keep them both now by either going back hours to before i first entered the graveyard with Edwin and just not doing that forever, or some disabling Edwin's quest through the console or other means. Is that possible to do or am I screwed?


  • JustforthisJustforthis Member Posts: 2
    Alright, so I (maybe) figured out a solution. after some trial and error I correctly guessed that the variable tied to Edwin's quest is "EdwinScroll", and that messing with it will reset his quest. After setting it to -1 by putting C:SetGlobal("EdwinScroll","GLOBAL",-1) in the console, the scene where he transforms doesn't trigger. I'm not quite sure what stage of the quest I set it to though, since entering the graveyard doesn't start it from the beginning again and going back and forth between areas until 5-10 days pass doesn't seem to result in Edwin getting his first revelation about the scroll again, the one where he gets 50k xp. Also, setting that variable to anything above -1 including 0 just triggers the edwina scene immediately. Do i not understand what exactly I did correctly? whatever, so long as Edwin stays in my party.
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