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Going to enhance the videos, because I have the means.

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So from what I can tell, the Enhanced Edition videos are in VP8 format with vorbis audio in webm containers. Would I be able to encode the enhanced versions I make in VP9 and the game still be able to play them?
The aspect ratio on some of the Enhanced Edition videos got skewed, and seem to have interlacing artifacts. I'll be using the videos from the original game as much as possible. They're in bink format. That's super easy to work with.

When I'm done, I'll upload them here, if that's possible. If not, I don't have an NWN vault account, and don't plan on getting one. So if someone else would like to put them on there, that would be awesome. I'll find a way to get them to you.

Oh yeah, one last question: Will the game be able to play the videos if I change the aspect ratio to standard 1920x1080? I can go bigger to 4K, but don't care for that myself. If enough of you request it, I can make a 4K set.
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  • ForSeriousForSerious Member Posts: 394
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    Ah joy. VP9 crashes the game. VP8 is only slightly better than bink. Took me a while to find quality settings that don't throw out all the quality that was restored. Naturally the file size is much bigger (22 MB turns into 245 MB). I had originally planned to increase the frame rate of them, but now I don't trust VP8 to handle that gracefully.

    I decided since the game doesn't try to do any stretching, I'll just keep the original aspect ratios.
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