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Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition is unplayable on Linux, because it has a nasty memory leak!

The native version of the game works smoothly, but after 4-5 mins it always freezes whole system, because memory leaks and the game fills whole RAM and Swap:

It's a common thing for other users too, not only me:

The game is unplayable on Linux.


  • mallenmallen Member Posts: 1
    It's not a general Linux issue though.

    I tried PST: EE on 2 laptops which both are running the same distribution and DE. It works fine on one (has integrated intel GPU), but not the other (ATI Radeon 5650M). The only similarities between all linked cases I can see is that they all use an ATI graphics card and are likely running the same kernel driver (radeon).
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