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Slight Problem with EEKeeper

ArcnNKDArcnNKD Member Posts: 28
My apologies if this has been answered somewhere before - Google searches were giving me every topic unrelated to my actual problem whenever I kept searching. Ultimately, the issue I am having is this -

Inside EEKeeper, I have my finished save file that I just completed a run through BG1 with. All fine and good. I decided I wanted to modify a few things (such as add the 3 points to Wisdom for the Tomes that I used on Viconia because it was more useful during gameplay) and change the race to Human instead of Elf because I had a different portrait I wanted to use.

My problem is - when I go to Change Portrait for CHARNAME in the EEKeeper, none of the custom portraits in my games 'portraits' folder show up on the selectable list, meaning I cannot change my portrait to the one I want.

Is this a functionality problem with EEKeeper not being able to read portraits inside the portrait folder? Am I going to be forced to override one of the NPC portrait files with my custom one just to be able to change it??

Edit: I guess I'm the only person in the interwebz world that is having this issue lol. Another Google search of failure - can only keep bring up 100's of threads about changing NPC's portraits to a custom one using the override folder; or that they show up blank in the editor.... but not a single other thread anywhere talking about not being able to change CHARNAME to a custom portrait because they don't show up in the list.

Edit 2: Playing with settings figured out the issue - my Installation directory was set to use only the 'save' folder for saved data, so I just had to raise it a level to use the entire 'BG1' folder so it could find the portaits folder too. I swear. Side Note - Custom Save Directory had to be unchecked to get anything to show up there.
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