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Jester party build

Back into Icewind Dale (EE) after 10+ years. Trying to experiment with some different party builds and kits etc. How would you craft a party around a Jester to maximize his/her song? I’m not asking if it is a good class or why I should or should not play one…I have done a bard and am nearing completion with a skald so I have already decided on using a jester the next round. Just curious for a good complimentary team to maximize their talents. Preferably a party without an avenger although another Druid class would be welcome…any suggestions?

I just used
1 Undead Hunter
2 F/C
3 Archer (dominated my kill count and strategy was to simply stealth pick off from a distance then lure back to party…pretty basic strategy)
5 Avenger (maybe my favorite class to play)
6 Bard (it was nice regenerating after battles and cutting down on resting)

Right now
1 Beserker
2 Beserker 7 Cleric
4 Fighter 6 Mage
5 Avenger
6 Skald (AC/THACO bonus is really nice)
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