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spawn yoshimo via console

i was wondering if i can save yoshimo after i confront irenicus, using some cheats or exploits

at first my plan was to kill him, go through fighting with baal in the dream, and resurrect yoshimo after that. this does not work, because after you meet irenicus in the spellhold, you no longer have yoshimo as a dead companion.

then i decided to spawn him with the console. i tried

C:CreateCreature("YOSHI"), but it didn't work either, the game says that there is no file with that name, and that name i found on wiki page as a character code for yoshimo.

so is there some error in my console command, or after the spellhold it's intended that yoshimo is not available even through the console?


  • GreenerGreener Member Posts: 422
    Depending on which experience level of Yoshimo you are trying to spawn, try...

  • gladosglados Member Posts: 30
    that worked, thanks you!
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