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Worst Day Ever not unlocking

Hey guys, I've been trying all day to get "Worst Day Ever" to unlock in BG2:EE. I've tried several new chars, different methods, but everytime I have all the stats on (Fatigue, Disease, and Poison) the achievement will just not unlock.

Is there anything to it that prevents me from unlocking it in the manner described here Is there a console command to do this? I'm honestly sick of "troubleshooting" this thing.


  • hotvishotvis Member Posts: 3
    If it makes any difference, I'm on Steam.
  • hotvishotvis Member Posts: 3
    Just tried it on an alt steam account; instantly got it with the same savefile I was failing it with on my other account.

    I can see the flag "ACH_WORST_DAY" being flagged with "1" in EEKeeper after popping the 3 debuffs, but it just WILL NOT UNLOCK ON STEAM.
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