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Controller support on PC?

I can't find any information on this anywhere, but I know the console versions have it (of course). With many people using streaming (such as Moonlight) and with the arrival of the Steam Deck (and equivalent devices), is the controller support coming to PC as well? Since it would be AWESOME. I'd even pay for a small controller DLC, since the games are "old".


  • ShynShyn Member Posts: 73
    On the deck you dont need controller support. With steam input you can tweak your inputs to be as controller-like as you want without needing official support for it.
  • VnavekulVnavekul Member Posts: 181
    That is true. :smile: But if would be cool if the interface matches it, just like it does on PS5. No biggie, but I hope it's not too much work as well.
  • DrAzTiKDrAzTiK Member Posts: 58
    Same resquest. Any hope to see one day some controller support for BGEE ? maybe using some external software like Xpadder can make the trick, not sure
  • DudzioDudzio Member Posts: 81
    They definietly should add controller support without any doubt. With full circle=menus etc.
  • Adamvs_MaximvsAdamvs_Maximvs Member Posts: 6
    I'd love to see it as well. I prefer to stream my PC to my living room with Moonlight and being on the couch with a gamepad is much more comfortable.
  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 951
    I dont think Beamdog will update the games, but i hope im wrong.
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