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Mod Idea to Continue Corwin Romance in BG2

Sorry for the wall of text. I am thinking of a mod to bridge the "Corwin EET" and "Cost of One Girl's Soul" mods, and am interested in folks' feedback. Check those mods out if you haven't tried them, they are both great.

SoD Spoilers Below
Basically, the idea is to provide a way to continue the Corwin romance (albeit remotely) in BG2. When you release Skie from the Soultaker dagger, and if you romanced Corwin in SoD (and it ended well, not with the confrontation in the sewers), you will be able to send Corwin a letter. The letter will fill Corwin in on events that have happened since you were forced to leave Baldur’s Gate, that you are in Athkatla and that you still love her and intend to come back once the business with Irenicus is finished. If you choose this option, it will kill off any chance of romance with the BG2 NPCs.

After a couple of weeks in game, you will get a letter back from Corwin saying, basically, that she still loves you and that the Dukes (including Entar) are ready to welcome you back to the city now that your innocence has been proven. In the letter would be a small token of her love, like a ring or amulet, that gives you some stat boots or saves. Something like, when you wear the amulet named “Love Conquers All” you are reminded of your love, and it fills you with hope and renewed willpower (saves) to finish your quest so that you can return to your love. It at least provides some closure, and from an RP perspective it works well – it wouldn’t make sense for Corwin to head to Athkatla because of Rohma.

I had considered Rohma being kidnapped and sold to slavers, forcing Corwin to leave the Flaming Fist temporarily to find her, at which point you would be reunited. The problem is what to do with Rohma once she is rescued – RP wise, Corwin would want to head back to Baldur’s Gate, potentially killing the romance once again.

The epilogue would talk about your triumphant return to Baldur's Gate and the re-unification with your love, marriage, etc. Lots of ideas.
That would basically wrap up the first phase of the mod. Further development could include Corwin joining you in ToB. Corwin would recognize the threat posed by the Bhaalspawn to the entire Sword Coast, temporarily leave the Flaming Fist, and elect to rejoin your party after tracking your movements from Athkatla to the elven city to Saradush.

What do you think? Is this mod something that you think you would want to play?

Mod Idea to Continue Corwin Romance in BG2
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