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Experiencing some lags...

KerthalKerthal Member Posts: 68
edited November 2012 in Windows PC (Archive)

I don't know if someone has already encountered some little lags like I've regularly: the game is running fine except that from time to time (let's say every minute), I've a little lag and everything freezes for less than a second ( maybe 0,5 sec or less). It happens all the time, whether I'm just walking, fighting or standing still.

I've already disabled the walking sounds via the corresponding option (remind me of the old BG and BGII) but the problem remains.

My hardware is sufficent (Intel Core I7, 8GB memory, Nvidia GTX 560, Realtek soundcard and Windows 7) and so I'm wondering what could be the reson of those lags.
I've put the exe file in the Windows 95 compatibility mode and checked the option to launch it as administrator.

Any idea about how to solve my problem?


EDIT: just forgot to mention that I've installed the Tweak pack mod.

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