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Touch controls misplaced on Galaxy Fold 4 in full screen mode.

BettrBettr Member Posts: 2
When running BG:EE, BG2:EE, Dragonspear or Icewind Dale on Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 in full screen mode touch controls are misplaced, and appear to be lower than the actual buttons, thus making the games unplayable. I purchased all of those games to enjoy them on the larger Fold 4 screen, and it doesn't work. Has anyone experienced the same issue? And could it be fixed somehow?


  • DondanosDondanos Member Posts: 2
    Hi! Tried it on my Fold 4 as well.
    Same issues as you described.
    Seems like a bug that needs to be looked at affecting the new Fold 4 devices
  • v1ldv1ld Member Posts: 22
    I have the exact same issue with IWDEE and a Fold 4. Wanted to play BG2 on this lovely big screen, but am gonna hold off until this is fixed/figured out.
  • hkanshkans Member Posts: 6
    Same issue here, there are also other threads discussing this. Hopefully Beamdog can fix for us!
  • alghostalghost Member Posts: 3
    set it to 4:3 in full screen apps settings, it works until an official fix for true full screen arrives.
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