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F/C*actually all Fighter multiclasses, likely* HP progression past level 9 is wrong.

DurenasDurenas Member Posts: 508
So, I wanted to explore F/D level progression to find out how much HP Jaheira had lost from not rolling max HP on her journey through BG1. Turns out, if you start BG2 without doing BG1, she loses 26 hp. If you start from BG1 without SoD, it's 28(I think-EEkeeper is sometimes hard for me to parse). With SoD, she loses out on a total of 54 HP! But in the process of mapping out exactly how much HP a F/D gets at every level, I discovered something interesting.

The levels from 1-9 more or less go as expected At each level up, that class gets half of the normal HP, plus half of the highest con bonus that character qualifies for(in this case, 17 con fighter gets +3 hp per level). So, each level of each class is treated as a distinct level for the purposes of divvying up the con bonus. First class gets 1, second 2, third 1, and so on. It gets a little unusual since the druid level progression leaps ahead of the fighter one, so you'll occasionally get a druid 1, a druid 2, a fighter 1, and so on.

Unfortunately it seems once you get past level 9, an anomaly creeps in. To be absolutely fair, this is a really really small anomaly, and you wouldn't notice it, but I found it, and I thought I'd document it for completeness' sake.

Once you're 10+ you get 3 hp per level as a warrior, 2 hp per level as a priest, 2 hp per level as a rogue and 1 hp per level as a wizard. What I would expect would happen is that the 3 hp per level that you get for being a fighter multiclass would continue to alternate levels, but this is not the case. The 2 class multiclass character only ever gets 1 hp per level. The fractional half-point that you would expect to carry over to the second class doesn't get carried over because the second class only gets 1 hp anyway, not 1 and a half(plus the half point from the last level). Then the third level up comes around, and it seems the game doesn't remember that you have a reserve half-point, because you still only get 1 hp.

Is this terrible game-breaking bug a big deal? Well... no. Generally speaking, at worst, we're looking at single-digit differences in the total HP of a multiclass fighter character. Still, I thought it was interesting, and I hope you all do too. :P

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