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Cleric god and alignment choices and affiliated temples

DhariusDharius Member Posts: 616
I'm about to do a cleric run-through but am curious to know which temple I will be assigned to for the Unseeing Eye/Sarles quests, depending on my choice of god and alignment.

Does anyone know the full rundown of what happens depending on all the choices of god and alignment available?

E.g. what happens if I choose a LE Priest of Helm, a TN Priest of Lathander, a LN Priest of Tyr or a CN Priest of Talos for instance? Or a CG vs a CE Priest of Tempus?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,682
    In order of priority, class then god then alignment.
    A non-cleric protagonist will always be assigned to the Helm temple.
    A priest of Lathander, Helm, or Talos will always be assigned to their corresponding god's temple.
    For other clerics, it's down to alignment. Good clerics go to Lathander, clerics that are LN, TN, or LE go to Helm, and clerics that are CN, NE, or CE go to Talos. With one exception; priests of Tempus never go to Helm. A true neutral priest of Tempus goes to Lathander instead.

    Oh, and one other bit of weirdness: the temple your protagonist works for can affect which holy symbol Anomen gets. If Anomen becomes LG and the protagonist works for a non-Helm temple, Anomen gets a Lathander holy symbol instead of a Helm holy symbol.
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 616
    edited August 2022
    Thanks @jmerry that’s very helpful. LN priest of Tyr or Helm it is then (I like the Helm quests best as this doesn’t involve attacking another temple). Neutral clerics are generally best too as they have the largest range of spells available to them, and can choose which type of planetar they want to summon as a HLA
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 616
    Hmmm. I’ve noticed the problem with an LG Anomen at level 25:

    * A 25th level LG Anomen should ALWAYS get a symbol of Lathander
    * A 25th level LN Anomen should ALWAYS get a symbol of Helm
    * A 25th level CN Anomen should get a symbol of Talos or Tempus (doesn’t matter which)

    Does this make sense (I think it does)? Otherwise he won’t be able to use the symbol he’s given!
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,682
    The current logic for Anomen's holy symbol:
    If LN, he always gets Helm.
    If CN, he always gets Talos.
    If LG, he gets either Helm or Lathander, varying based on which temple the protagonist worked for. It's the same logic as a PC-created LG cleric that doesn't have a priest kit.

    Anomen can always use his holy symbol when he first gets it, but if he fails his Radiant Heart trial after already having a symbol, he loses the ability to use it. If I were designing this myself, I would create a variant of the Helm holy symbol restricted to Anomen but with no alignment restriction, and have him get that variant in all cases.
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