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which type of bard, Vanilla or Skald? + Few questions

Dwarf Defender - dual wield - Hammer + Axe
Beserker - Dual wield - Longsword + morning/flail
Paladin - Sword + shield OR Fighter cleric - Shield + something?
Fighter Thief - Longbow + something?
Avenger - Sling + darts?
Bard - weapons?

1. which type of bard, Vanilla or Skald?

2. would a Paladin or Fighter Cleric be better?

3. even though bard will just sing and cast spells, do you still give them weapons?

4. Fighter Thief - Longbow + something? ( planning to be mostly ranged and occasionally melee)

5 .Avenger - Sling + darts?

thank you for help and tips last time i played was 18 years ago!


  • nuther1nuther1 Member Posts: 4
    Hammers arent that great in IWD. Flails are the best blunt weapons.

    Consider going Axes on the Defender and give him Lonesome Road for +1 Con.

    Vanilla Bard has War Chant of the Sith at level 11 which is healing over time. Hard to pass up, but a Skald is OK.

    Some Longswords can help Bards with stats.
  • AerichAerich Member Posts: 159
    1. Vanilla. A skald wouldn’t be bad considering you have a full group with 4 depending on weapon damage, but a vanilla is more versatile and War Chant goes well with low-healer parties and Dwarven Defenders.
    2. Either, but F/Cl for preference if on a mode other than Core and using a vanilla bard.
    3. Yes, otherwise they are too easy to hit. Any one-handed weapon plus single-weapon style.
    4. Yes. Use a weapon thieves can use, so you can backstab or sneak attack. Longsword, shortsword, katana, even quarter staff are all ok.
    5. Sure, but don’t expect to contribute much with them. Druids are all about the spells, and avengers even more so.

    Flails/Morning stars are the “best” bludgeoning weapon proficiency, especially for damage resistance and offhand speed weapons, but mace has at least two standouts also.
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