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Change area music

Hello everyone! I'm trying to change the music in the second and third floors of the Friendly Arms Inn (I don't like that you have music there as if you were still in the main hall...).

I tried with NI, opened the AR2302.ARE and AR2303.ARE files, then changed "Day Song" from Tav2.mus to TDay2.mus and "Night Song" from Tav2.mus to TNite.mus, but it didn't work, Tav2.mus is still playing when my party goes up to floors 2 and 3. I also tried to switch both songs to "Special - Continue outside music", and still no change at all.

By the way, I also realised that when I'm outside the Inn at night, the music playing is still TDay1.mus and not TNite.mus...

Did I miss something? Do I need to alter another file? Thanks in advance for your help!


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,691
    Did you save the altered files to the override? Because that's about all I can think of. You're definitely changing the right thing.

    And the BG1 standard for sleeping areas in inns is for the day/night songs to be -1, inheriting the songs from the master area. Areas for food, drink, and gambling get tavern music. That works for about 80% of cases in BGEE; the upper floors of the Friendly Arm are one of the exceptions.
  • MeneldilMeneldil Member Posts: 3
    Yes, the altered files are in override...
  • MeneldilMeneldil Member Posts: 3
    Well, for those interrested, someone told me what the problem was: I tested from a saved game and not a new one, and area files are stored in the saved game. So I had to open the BALDUR.SAV file of my saved game, decompress the files, alter the AR2302.ARE and AR2303.ARE files in the decompressed files and compress again. And tadaaam! everything worked just fine.

    I didn't check yet, but I'm pretty sure that with the alteration of the .ARE files as well, it will work just as fine with new games.
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