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Halbazzer Drin won't give the nymph's cloak

I brought him the nymph hair and let him make the cloak like he offered. Then he says he has you go! I lose the 100gold and the nymph's hair....but no cloak.

Anyone have any idea why?
Is this a bug?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,031
    It's a "GiveItem" command, so it'll fail if he doesn't have a Nymph Cloak available. By default, Halbazzar starts with a Nymph Cloak in one of his quick item slots.

    Did you pick his pockets and steal the cloak beforehand? That's one reason that this would fail.
  • newguynewguy Member Posts: 26
    I apologize....just figured it out.
    (Feel free to delete this post...I'm not sure how, lol)
  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 880
    Don't leave us in suspense!
  • newguynewguy Member Posts: 26
    yeah, I had pickpocketed him, then was away from the game for a few days and forgot, lol.
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