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Birdnest hatching script needed

Yes, I know the title here looks weird. There's a reason. I've spent a lot of time in Skyrim Se, and legacy of the dragonborn mod, and started thinking that we could build an entire singleplayer gameworld around the idea of crafting a museum/zoo/aquarium/aviary, which would spur adventures for that pc. I've started trying to figure out what systems and resources I have available (looking at CEP3 and some additional tilesets primarily), but I started recognizing that I'll need some special systems for filling some areas (notably the aviary, though potentially could use this for the aquarium too). One of those will be an idea of 'you can steal eggs from a nest, but you are not guaranteed to know what might hatch', and then have the characters hatch them in an incubator. I'm just not well enough versed in scripting at the moment to figure out what i'd need for that. (Will be slowly working my way back into it, though almost everything I'd done before was more or less making things that weren't designed for an idea fit regardless, I can adapt things, but have a harder time crafting new ones).

That said, anyone have any good ideas on how to handle the egg-snatching/hatching script? I figure that a chance of a random egg is not only realistic, but adds a fun challenge.

(Also, if someone has an old fishing script, I haven't spotted that for whatever reason, on the vault, though I can probably look again).


  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 1,300
    I am absolutely certain that there are fishing scripts around. The egg snatching/hatching scripts will have to be bespoke though. Just a thought but why not try the pickpocket skill for the snatching?

    Your zoo idea could do with some good creature/placeable models. You might want to look through the various custom content challenges for that. I know that @TheAmethystDragon created some hunting and fishing trophies and there is definitely at least one fishing rod in there. There are loads of fish and bird models too. To find the stuff you can use the CCC Catalogue, a searchable xlsx spreadsheet that covers every single item from every single challenge. The catalogue contains links to each project page of each challenge. It is possible that you can find these in the latest version of the CEP (2.69 - 3 is a fork of it), as some of the things from the various challenges have found their way into it.

  • AlassiranaAlassirana Member Posts: 8
    That makes some sense, and did finally find a fishing set...the birds, mostly I'm concerned with the incubation (though that would require some fiddling). On the other hand, since it seems that no one has really put these ideas out, I actually have come up with the logic (not tested, but should work) for both display cases and displaying armor pieces in the museum.

    The first will be having the display cases as items with inventory, but with both on acquire and on unacquire scripts. The displays will be filled remotely (a curator who you give things to will click it in a database, causing the item to be listed under the appropriate container's inventory), but the on-acquire adds the item to a database list for the display's tag, while the unacquire more or less destroys anything taken directly from it (you can request an item back from the curator), but recreates the item in the case.

    The second is merely a box with conversation buttons (to identify which mannikin you want spawned, and potentially race/gender), you dump the item pieces into it (or they are sent by the curator to something similar), and it spawns an npc in that gear, (items equipped), then paralyzes them permanently, sets them plot, etc. I'm checking with Shadooow to see if an idea I have for the rooms having on enter/on exit scripts that allow them to essentially despawn when not in use, but pull all applicable displays upon on enter. I think it should work, but may take a bit of fiddling to do it right.

    A friend suggested that I actually do a series of these 'easter egg hunt' modules, different themes, in addition to the big, I'll see what I can come up with, and try to put out the custom scripts in use for people when I've got them functional.
  • AlassiranaAlassirana Member Posts: 8
    (oh, and yes, before I actually start 'building' I'm coming up with a list of various display items, in a spreadsheet , so that I can better determine what gets found where, and build the world around the needs of the museum.)
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