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Kingmaker Review/Retrospect

Hey all,

Just released a video talking about the Kingmaker premium module. Pretty good time, all in all. Certainly recommended if it's slipped your radar to this point!

Has anyone else played through his module recently? Almost hard to find all that much about it on the internet, curious to know what people think!


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,315
    Kingmaker is actually tied with Witch's Wake for my favourite of the NWN1 Premium Modules. Witch's Wake has a much more fascinating story, but I think it's lighter on the traditional RPG elements of combat, levelling and looting. Kingmaker strikes a nice balance between the two, and it has the advantage of its story ending on a somewhat conclusive note as opposed to WW's cliffhanger which we'll likely never see finished. :/
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