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Skitia's ToB content for Nali's Romance

@Skitia Hi. The link to Support Forum on your Skitia's stories site is broken, and searching can't find it so I've started a new discussion here.
I'm still having great fun tromping round Amn with Helga, Emily & Vienxay (yay!) but being me I've already started thinking about my next game, and sorting through my dled mods. I saw that you are currently working on some ToB content for Nalia romances. I'm really excited just at the news, but I have a couple of questions.

i). Hows it going? Let me give you loads of encouragement (does her best/worst impersonation of a cheerleader squad) <3:D<3 . If you are going to need a beta tester please let me know in case I can help.

ii). I presume that the De'Arnise Romance is the one on Pocket Plane (by Jason Compton and Kulyok). You mention another mod called Nalia Romance - have you got any info and/or links about it?


  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 1,040
    edited September 2022
    Support Forum is broken I think just for Nalia, as she doesn't have a support page yet. I'll create an official one in the next few days.

    1: Thanks for the encouragement! I'm hoping to have it ready for testing at the end of this week or in the middle of next, so I'll keep your offer in mind.

    2: The other Nalia Romance, sometimes called Arnel's Nalia Romance to differentiate it, is from SHS:

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