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Toolset on Mac - Crossover

Is anyone here able to open the toolset in Crossover? I used Wine for years but some update has made things unusable. Now it just won't open at all and/or keep crashing. I tried Crossover and, even though it did work, it just won't open any module at all (it gives me the "Could not open module" error). Any ideas?


  • jimdad55jimdad55 Member Posts: 70
    edited September 30
    Yeah, I've been using the toolset with Crossover 21 and now 22 with no issues on my iMac, other than a small one where I had to change the path to my erf folder. I play the game itself natively on the Mac and without opening Steam (where I bought the game) but obviously have to use Crossover for the toolset. You'll notice in the screenshot of my Toolset Crossover bottle that there isn't a Steam icon. All I added to that bottle was SG and I didn't have to do any weird changes to get it to work.


    Toolset open in pretty processor heavy area below:


    I don't know enough to troubleshoot for you but hope this helps. I've also found Crossover support to be decent when I contacted them on other issues. If your toolset bottle is the same as in the pic above I'd suspect that it's maybe not finding the correct folder somewhere along the line in which case it could be a case of altering the path to you modules in the .ini file?


  • jimdad55jimdad55 Member Posts: 70
    Following my post above, I've now upgraded to Mac OS Ventura and all of a sudden the toolset won't open.

    With a new file it opens the first blank area but it is just a red wireframe. If I attempt to open an existing module it gives the message "Couldn't open module".

    If anyone is running the toolset on a Mac using Crossover 22 / WINE that'd also be useful to know. Thanks.
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