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Full Plate vs Plate of the Dark +1 -- Bug?

Anyone else seeing that Plate of the Dark +1 (Which is Full Plate +1) and Full Plate, state in their descriptions that they give different weapon modifier bonuses (see below) but in actual gameplay, the interface shows the exact same bonuses for both armor?

Full Plate: -3 Slashing, -2 Piercing and Missile

Plate of the Dark: - 4 Slashing, -3 Piercing and Missile


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,801
    edited October 2022
    Those aren't the modifiers. Those are the final AC stats if someone with no other AC modifiers wear the item. Unenchanted full plate has base AC 1, while the +1 version has base AC zero.

    I wouldn't even call this a bug; body armor in general has the "final" AC for each type rather than the modifiers in the descriptions. It's consistent.

    The only variant of full plate that has different modifiers is the +5 drow kind; that only has -3 extra to slashing AC instead of -4.
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