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*Legit* (No Cheats) Money Making Tricks - BG1

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,643
Legit meaning no cheats. If you've played much BG1, you know you can rake in the $ doing tricks like Winter Wolf Hunting. You can make a lot camping at the Nashkel Mines entrance map, and at high level you can spawn 3 at a time - or 1500 gold an encounter.

Also one of the best ways to make money is to farm Full Plate Armor in Durlag's Tower. Not only do you pop the armor, which is the best in the game, but things like Emeralds, Diamonds, Laer's Tear Necklaces, Black Opals, etc. Not bad! Oh, and the armor sells for... 3000 gold a set!

How to Farm Full Plate in Durlag's Tower --
You can farm an infinite number of sets of full plate armor (as much as you can carry) if you're patient and camp the Second Lower Labyrinth level -- The Torture Room is a good spot. If you camp here and get an encounter, it will always be Greater Dopplegangers, usually in the form of Durlag and his kin.

To get the full plate, you have to kill a Greater Doppleganger while it is in its Durlag form. The thing about killing these guys tho - It's very difficult to kill them as Durlag. They almost never spawn AS Durlag but instead, Islanne or Fuernebol... Or a Doppleganger who just stays a Doppleganger If Fuernebol spawns, you are better off reloading the encounter - or if you don't like reloading, killing and trying again. If Isalanne spawns -- QUICKLY hit her with a Larloch Minor Drain to disrupt her sanctuary spell, then run a melee fighter up to her base. She will usually shift to Durlag then. Commence with Feeblemind spell (stops all transformations and makes them defenseless) or simply backstab and hit with lots of magic missiles if the feeblemind fails. The big issue is, once damaged, the Doppleganger will shift again to Kiel - The Cleric - Never again shifting back to Durlag, so you have to kill Durlag quick.

You will get good at this strategy over time. Besides getting multiple sets of the best armor that you can for your party, you can sell 16 sets of this plate for 48,000 gold. :) I am currently running around Durlag's with about.... 120k? More than I can spend really. But hey, its fun.

As Kagain is often known to say, "Gold runs the world kid... The sooner you find that out, the better life will treat ya."


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