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Szass Tam bug - need advice! (Neera quest ToB - spoilers obviously)

Fina92Fina92 Member Posts: 284
After the fight with Szass Tam you get teleported out, right? Great. But it needs to be done in a very specific way to prevent bugs and well, I messed up by placing traps I think (according to the internet). So now I'm trying to get my bugged version work as well as possible because I don't want to play the whole thing again.

I finally managed to get teleported out followed by the cutscene with the bell. I am able to get the final dialogue and journal update by using console: C:SetGlobal("OHN_TOB_PLOT","GLOBAL",15)

What I am still missing is the 1) Quest-update and the 2) experience.

Any ideas on how to get those?

Thank you!
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