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Importing/Exporting to Heart of Winter

Sir_DraxSir_Drax Member Posts: 6
I just beat the main game the other night but must’ve screwed something up, as before when I’d beaten the original campaign and then started HOW, I could hit the resume button and my party would be uploaded to Lonelywood from my last save, complete with all their accumulated xp and kill counts, but now I can’t.

Does anyone know what would have caused this issue? I’m starting over again which I don’t mind but it was an odd thing to happen.


  • Sir_DraxSir_Drax Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2022
    To give some more detail, I had deleted the characters from the character folder that had originally exported because I wanted to do the final battle again (just being ocd I guess) and all of a sudden when I start Heart of Winter, the resume button is greyed out which didn’t happen before. I was using the cheat console but I don’t think that’s the cause-hopefully in this new run I’ll be able to continue after the final battle complete with the containers kill counts and such.
  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 785
    Not sure what you mean by the resume button.
    But you can export your characters one by one from IWD and start a new game in the HoW menu with these characters.
  • Sir_DraxSir_Drax Member Posts: 6
    edited November 2022
    Ok so I beat the main game all over again-and in a past campaign when I clicked on the main menu for Heart of Winter, I could click the resume button, and I would begin the game in Lonelywood with my characters from the final save in Easthaven-complete with their final kill counts, accumulated experience and even their containers complete with their contents, as well as my sorcerers familiar. Same as when you beat the main game in Baldur’s Gate and can continue directly into SoD, or go from the end of BG2 into TOB.

    Now I still can’t continue where I left off after slaying Belhifet-is it just a fluke that I got to continue on before then with all my gold, kill counts etc?
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