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Quick clarification about Yoshimo / Spellhold

My current party does NOT include either Imoen OR Yoshimo, nor do I WANT them in my party during or after Spellhold.

However, my understanding is that if I leave one of my members behind and take Yoshimo, I will get some cool xp from what happens with him and (for role-playing reasons) get to welcome my sister back to the party (albeit temporarily).

If I keep my 6-member party together and DON'T take Yoshimo, my understanding is that the encounter with Irenicus will go a bit differently and I'll miss out on the Yoshimo story xp, but...I'll have my full party for the loads of xp that one of my members would have had to miss out on had I taken Yoshimo.

So...looking at it from a practical I seeing this correctly? Anything I'm missing? Just want to make sure I have it right.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,945
    Yeah, that's pretty much it. Bringing Yoshimo along adds him to the fight against Irenicus and allows you to get 200K experience later. Not bringing him means your chosen party that doesn't include Imoen will all get the ~1 million XP each for chapters 4 and 5, instead of having one miss out. And you can still send Imoen back to Athkatla in case you want to do a bit with her later (bring her along when you take down Bodhi, maybe?).

    In practice, Yoshimo is only worth bringing if you're playing with an undersized party or you want Imoen in your party long-term.
  • newguynewguy Member Posts: 19
    Thanks jmerry. Much appreciated!!
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