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My Fighter/Mage/Thief lost significant HP when exported what happened?

Hello I recently finished Icewind dale on Xbox with my Fighter/Mage/Thief with 17 Constitution leveled 21/19/25 respectively. At the end of my playthrough my F/M/T had 196 Hit points. I imported my character just before the final fight and exported them into the Heart of Winter Expansion. However as soon as I start up HoW my F/M/T now only has 120 hit points, that's a 76 hit point drop off. I made sure that Max HP on level up was turned on and have tried 3 separate times now and every time my character imports with only 120 HP. I can't figure out what's going on, does anyone know if this is fixable or can explain what the problem is? thank you.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,843
    Expected base HP leveling from 1/1/1 ... (10+4+6)/3 + (10/3)*8 + (4/3)*9 + (6/3)*9 + 1*12 + 1*9 + 1*15 = 6+24+9+18+12+9+15=93. Then add 27 HP from Con 17, and you get 120 total.

    Okay, what other source of HP did you have? It looks like you had some effect or combination of effects adding 76 HP, which were removed on import.
  • aqzinaaqzina Member Posts: 28
    Did you have your familiar in the backpack?
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