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[Bug] Wrong answer in Rasaad dialogue

AzamathAzamath Member Posts: 18
edited November 2012 in Fixed
In the first dialogue innitiated by Rasaad (starting with "You appear troubled") when i ask: "Why did you come to Nashkel in the first place" the answer is the same (starting from "It seems so long ago that i first joined the Order") as for the question: "How did you become Sun Soul monk?".
Expected Behavior: After question " "Why did you come to Nashkel in the first place" Rasaad should tell the exact reason of visit in Nashkel not tell the story of his life.

I loaded the game two times and it seems the bug appeares only if you ask first about Nashkel. If you ask first about becoming Sun Soul answer for Nashkel question should be proper. Still if you ask about Nashkel first bug exists.


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