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The games freezes with no apparent reason [HELP]

Everytime I play BG:EE, after roughly 30' of play the game freezes with no reason. I can still move the cursor, and the audio still works, but the screen remains frozen (as well the icon of the cursor). The only thing I can do in this case is open the Task Manager and stop the application Baldur.exe from working, although sometimes the game doesn't allow me to see the desktop or othe windows, leaving me no other choices but to restart the PC.

My computer is a bit old:

-Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 3.06GHz
-1.00GB RAM
-ATI Radeon GeForce x1650 SE 512MB
-Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3

I don't know where to bash my head to find a solution to this problem. Please help me! D:

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