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How to remove xp cap for mac os version?

Hi, I want to remove the xp cap of 161,000. I have siege of dragonspear aswell


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,803
    edited November 2022
    I see two basic options:
    - Install a mod that has a cap-removing component. Tweaks Anthology is one such mod. Installation instructions are in the readme.
    - Get a tool capable of modifying the game files (such as Near Infinity) and edit the file with the XP cap yourself. The cap for the BG1 campaign is in STARTARE.2DA, the cap for the SoD campaign is in SODSTRTA.2DA, and the cap for the Black Pits is in STARTBP.2DA. There's also a cap for each class or class combination in XPCAP.2DA.

    Note that you shouldn't go too far above the standard caps. Arcane scrolls above level 5 are unavailable in the BG1/SoD campaigns, and high-level abilities don't exist.

    And now, I've thought of a third option. I can just post those 2DAs so you can edit them and drop them in the override without the need for Near Infinity. Here they are:
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