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Question about IWDEE: How is turning undead exactly calculted?

I wonder how my character level, attributes and so on determine my ability to turn undead...

The manual isn't exactly chatty about that.

Any explanations welcome!


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,843
    Each character that can turn undead has a turning level. For clerics, this is their cleric level. For paladins, this is their paladin level minus 2. It's possible to increase or decrease this turning level with spell effects and equipment, but I don't know whether anything in standard IWDEE does so - probably not. (Siege of Dragonspear has a shield that increases turning levels, but that's the expansion to BGEE.)

    When you turn undead, there's a check once per round for all nearby undead.
    If (Turn level) >= (Undead creature level) + 1d4 - 1, the undead creature is turned and runs away as if panicked.
    If (Turn level) >= (Undead creature level) + 1d4 + 4, the undead creature is destroyed (turning cleric/paladin is good or neutral) or controlled (turning cleric/paladin is evil).
    Creatures can also be given immunity to turning; some powerful undead monsters may have this property.
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