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Installing HLAs to IWDEE - Can modders suppport it in the future?

I'd like to raise this issue about HLAs in IWDEE again.

There is a thread somewhere here that details how to do it.

You need a certain UI mod and then the HLA files can be copied in manually to game directory.

So far so good - the thing is that further modding of HLAs seems to be difficult, as most installers skip the step saying: "This option is not available for your game."

It might be possible to tweak this manually also but I'd like to incourage mod makers to update their installers to make that possible.

I think that HLAs do not overpower IWDEE in general as some peole have said - especially if it is played on higher difficulty modes.

Just a thought.


  • morpheus562morpheus562 Member Posts: 250
    edited November 2022
    If all that is needed is lefreut UI and copying the HLAs into the override, then that is a very easy thing for me to mod into my Skills and Abilities mod. The next release of my Skills and Abilities mod allows HLA use in IWDEE.
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  • MistercuriousMistercurious Member Posts: 40
    @morpheus562: That's pretty good news. I think your skills and abilities mod rocks - can't wait to try it out with the HLAs.

    Do you have a timeline when the next update is coming?
  • morpheus562morpheus562 Member Posts: 250
    Thank you! Sadly no eta as to a release as the remaining work to be done relies on a few other components that I am not working on.
  • MistercuriousMistercurious Member Posts: 40
    Ok, I saw that you have version 0.9.1 in the making (the upcoming features look very intersting).

    When will you release that version for download?? Can't wait :)
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,349
    Sounds awesome. I am eagerly waiting as well
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