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Hunting down Bodhi (Problem)

So I went to the graveyard after talking to the Thieves Guild rep. I told him I'd kill Bodhi for him, he smiles, and tells me he will have a mage meet me at the appointed tomb to open the door.

I shuffle over to the graveyard.
The door to the tomb is locked.
No mage.

I went back to the rep and he scolds me for not getting the job done.
Any help, even the CLUA Console route, would be greatly appreciated.


  • JohnBobJohnBob Member Posts: 120
    edited November 2022
    Hello @IsabellaW ,

    Are you talking about this door ?

    Or are you still in the graveyard district ?

    There are three entrances to the catacombs, marked in red on the image below...
  • IsabellaWIsabellaW Member Posts: 19

    I was trying to describe the door up north to the left in the graveyard.
    Would any of those other doors work for me?
  • JohnBobJohnBob Member Posts: 120
    edited November 2022
    I haven't played in a while but in my memory, only one of the three was open when you side with Aran.

    I don't remember which one...
  • IsabellaWIsabellaW Member Posts: 19
    edited November 2022
    Ok, I seemed to have found a back way in underground.
    It's going well so far.
    Thanks for answering my distress call.
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