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The "Alternatives" mod & Mae'Var's Guildhall

kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,437
I am playing a game with several mods, including Alternatives the wonderful mod from the G3 people that allows you to behave like your true character. For instance I am playing a Paladadin, and Alternatives allows me to avoid jopining forces with either vampires or a notoriously evil guild of thieves. I am therefore not getting the Thieves Guild quests.

I am being very good and not doing any burgling, and avoiding many miniquests as they just don't fit with lawful goodness. This means I'll have a lot less money and XP, hence all the extra mods :)
However I will be wiping out the thieves guild, as a legitimate and mandatory quest.

Does anyone know if it is possible for me to also clean out Mae'Vars guildhouse. It seems like the right thing to do ... and there is a hell of a lot of XP on offer just from unlocking all the test locks! I can't unlock any of the entry doors. I've tried picking the locks, and picking the bartenders pockters, and
trying to antagonise the thieves into coming out but no joy.

btw I haven't cleared out the main guild yet as it's too early in my game.

I'm posting this here as I am not sure if the mod is still being supported at G3.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Kah131Kah131 Member Posts: 5
    How does the paladin know about Mae Var? I don't think he's mentioned in Alternatives. And the paladin wouldn't know about Mae Var unless he accepted Renal's quest.
  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,437
    @Kah131 My paladin doesn't know specifically about MaeVar, but from his map he knows that the buiulding is the local thieves guild. I am assuming that when he gets the mission to clear out the main thieves guild, he'd feel it was aldo his righteous and godly duty to clear out the other thieves guild building - especially as he has Anamen, Minsce and Lilacor egging him on to put some righteous boot inot evil's butt!
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