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[Complete Infinity Engine Games Mod List] - still WIP -

I am assembling a list of a all existing Infinity Engine Mods I can find on the various modding sites.

Some people my argue this is maybe too much of a task, as other projects such as BIG World Setup have been discontinued because they just grew too big to maintain within a reasonable timeframe.

Be that as it may, I thought it would be convenient for modding enthusiasts to have one comprehensive list instead of sweeping through the various forums over and over again to check for updates.

So far, I am trying to include everything from gibberlings3, Spellhold Studios and Pocket Plane Group (still missing), as well as any material that is referenced on these sites..

I am including info on title / mod type / author / current version / a brief description of what the mod actually does / compatibility info for all game versions and so on.

You can filter for your favourite Game, Mod Type or Mod Author in order to check if you have missed out on anything you want to try in the future...

I will also try to include exact download links to make finding lost mods more convenient.

The list ist still very much work in progress (although I devoted a few days of work to it).

Currently more than 500 entries and I hope I will be able to grow it further.

It seems I cannot attach an excel file to this post so the question arises:

How can I share this with other users?

Two more questions I'd like to ask:

- Can anyone suggest more locations to harvest for mods, apart from the ones mentioned above?

- Do we have an estimate of a total number of mods that have been created so far (including exotic ones)?

(Seems to be linked the third question: Will I ever be able to finish this?)

Any comments welcome!
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