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Returning after 25 years, need advice on 3 points

I'm getting ready to play through IWDEE for the first time since I did it 25 years ago. Back then, my party consisted of...Inquisitor (for the dispel), 3 fighters, a fighter/cleric, and a mage/thief. (As you can tell, I like strong melee.)

The party I'm contemplating now is....
Inquisitor, Fighter, Fighter/Cleric, Archer, Skald, and Mage/Thief.

So my questions are....
1. Am I better off leaving my mage as a single class (maybe even sorc) and doing a Fighter/thief?
2. I've read that some say that every group should have a skald. Is having a skald really that big of a deal and worth giving up having another fighter for?
3. Since there are no HLA's in IWDEE (or so I've read), would my dwarf fighter/cleric be better off as a human dual fighter->cleric?


  • AerichAerich Member Posts: 159
    Late response, but better than never.
    1. No. A pure mage’s contributions are only spells, and spell scrolls are limited. A mc mage/thief is an excellent support character. A f/t and sorc combo is also excellent, but takes two characters instead of one, and doesn’t necessarily fit your melee style.
    2. Yes. Backup spell caster, fantastic song (+4 to hit, damage, and AC at lvl 15 is stupendous), and no issues with targets, ammo, or gear. Think of it as a character to turn your existing meleers into beasts.
    3. Yes and no. No early healing capacity isn’t ideal, which favours the mc, and the saves bonus is really good. Level progression and GM favours the dc. I really like the F->Cl dual, so I’d probably do that. GM in Flails with Draw Upon Holy Might is amazing.
  • newguynewguy Member Posts: 31
    Thanks for the input...much appreciated.
    Just curious...would you choose flais over mace for your Figther->cleric because there are better flails available than maces?
  • AerichAerich Member Posts: 159
    Yes. There are at least three excellent maces, but morningstars/Flails have more and probably better options.
  • newguynewguy Member Posts: 31
    much appreciated!
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