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Returning after 25 years, need advice on 3 points

I'm getting ready to play through IWDEE for the first time since I did it 25 years ago. Back then, my party consisted of...Inquisitor (for the dispel), 3 fighters, a fighter/cleric, and a mage/thief. (As you can tell, I like strong melee.)

The party I'm contemplating now is....
Inquisitor, Fighter, Fighter/Cleric, Archer, Skald, and Mage/Thief.

So my questions are....
1. Am I better off leaving my mage as a single class (maybe even sorc) and doing a Fighter/thief?
2. I've read that some say that every group should have a skald. Is having a skald really that big of a deal and worth giving up having another fighter for?
3. Since there are no HLA's in IWDEE (or so I've read), would my dwarf fighter/cleric be better off as a human dual fighter->cleric?
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