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Kensai/Mage Solo / Basic Questions Regarding Quests

Hey all,

I have never tried a solo run before, but I have finished the game with a full party many times in the past on hard difficulty.

This time around I wanted to try out the Kensai/Mage build and have a solo playthru.

There are some things I am bit confused about tho. So I really hope you can help me out here.

Basic Info:

My Kensai is lvl9 and Mage also just hit lvl9. I basically just finished the Copper Coronet. Besides that didnt go to any other area.

1) How do you go on about all the companion quests when you are playing a solo playthru? Do you need to have them in your party to do them/finish them/get your rewards from them? Or can you actually really do them solo?

2) If you totally can solo them, wouln't you miss out on a lot? Or does it not matter?

3) Are there actually quests where I should/must take the appropirate companion with me?

4) Are there any quests I should aim for first? Which quests do you suggest doing early on?

5) Can you give me any other advice/tipps?

Thank you!



  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,602
    Companion quests require you to have the companion in question with you. Maybe not all the time, but certainly some of it. Which means ... it comes down to exactly what your self-imposed rules are regarding this "solo run". That's not something anyone else can tell you.

    Other quests often have extra dialogue unlocked if you bring a particular companion - Nalia in her keep, Mazzy in the shade temple, and so on - but they're entirely functional without that.
  • MenthurMenthur Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply.

    So that means that if I wanted to play completly solo I have to miss out on most of the companion quests. But if I decide to do them I have to share the XP, right?

    Ok. I have to think about how to approach this.

    Thanks again.
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,240
    edited November 2022
    I mostly play solo, and can say that the XP is so abbundant in BG2 for a solo Bhallspawn, that it will not be a problem. Especially for a mage or a thief.

    Even when soloing, I sometimes take a NPC along for the ride (if needed or convinient).

    But if you are super strict on spoling, you pick the LN alignment and get a familiar that can do some pickpocketing. That is handy for the Maevar quest and getting some cool items early on.
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