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Icewind Dale 2: Complete (from GoG) - General Discussion/Party Creation

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I know Icewind Dale 2: EE isn't a thing yet, but I got the Complete version from because it was cheap and I wanted to start playing it. I forgot that it was 3rd edition and not 2nd edition.

So far it's fun, but I miss 2nd so much. I am still in Chapter One, where the druid is in the snow area (log jams), and I am trying to run my 3 Paladin, 2 Cleric/Mage, and Fighter/Thief party from Icewind Dale: EE.

The party is okay, not wild about 3rd edition multiclassing, so I am thinking of starting over with a different party. My thoughts are fairly basic.

Fighter*: Half-Orc for high Strength and use a 2-hander.
Fighter**: Dwarf (Shield) or Human for High Constitution or 1 extra feat at level one. Sword/Board.
Cleric: Dwarf (Shield) or Half-Elf. I don't really like the idea of an Elf, Gnome, or Halfling Cleric.
Cleric: Half-Orc if first Cleric is Dwarf (Shield) or Human if first Cleric is a Half-Elf.
Wizard: Human or Gnome (Rock). Invoker or Illusionist.
Rogue: Halfling (Strongheart). 90% of the time I choose Halfling, 10% toss up between Dwarf and Gnome.

* Since Half-Orc, may decide to make a Barbarian instead.
** Thinking about an Elf (Wild) or Half-Elf Ranger instead.

Clerics? I was thinking one from Lathander and one from Helm, maybe 2 Lathanders.

Since it's 3rd edition, I'll stick with single classes for the first play through.

I am curious about others experience with Icewind Dale 2: Complete.
What party ideas were just plain fun and what party ideas are best suited to 'win' the game?
After finishing the game 'legit,' what mods did you use and are they still viable/usable today?
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    just saw an interesting party for IWD2. Doesn't seem like it's the Complete version though, maybe vanilla?

    Tank: 1/2 Orc Fighter
    Off-Tank: Human Monk (of the Old Order)
    Healer: Aasimar Cleric of Lathander
    DPS: Aasimar Sorcerer
    CC/DPS: High Elf Wizard (I didn't see High as a choice, so I guess Moon)
    Range/Utility: Stoutheart Halfling Rogue (I didn't see Stout as a choice, so Strong)

    One healer? Ouch. I usually run with two or at least one and a multiclass one.
    2 Aasimars? That level adjustment could be a real issue, especially with the Sorcerer's slow progression of spells.

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