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EE mods Order and compatibility

MapekMapek Member Posts: 42
These are the mods that I want to download, in order that I think should be correct(?). I need someone to check though, is that ok? (for EET With Siege of Dr. DLC)

DLC Merger (Got that one)

(Apparently, some mods needs to be installed before Trilogy so here they are:)

1.Unfinished Business

2. Drizzt Saga

3. Dark Horizons (although I really struggle with finding download, is there any still available? If so, do you have a link?)

4. Saradas Magic

5. Stone of Askavar

6. Drake NPC

7. Sirene NPC

8. Verr'sza NPC

9. White NPC

(And now after EET)

1. The Darkest Day

2. Shadows Over Soubar

3. Check The Bodies

4. Dark Side of the Sword Coast (could be Tethyr Forest Patch but I don't think it's needed in EE edition)

5. Northern Tales of SC

6.The Calling

7. The Vault

8. Endless BG1

9. Mini Quests and Encounters

10. Ascalon's Questpack

11. Grey Clan

12. Lure of Sirine's Call

13. Balduran's Seatower

14. Shades of the Sword Coast (sooo excited for that one)

15. Deidre and Joluv in BGEE

16. Fields of the Dead

17. Mysteries of the SC (just a few components though, it may cause problems otherwise)

18. Eldritch Magic EE

19. NPC Project + Music Pack

20. Brage's Redemption

21. Rupert Dye Merchant

22. Coran Extended Friendship

23. Herbs and Potions (I am not sure if it has EE version)

24. Thalantyr Item Upgrade

25. Another fine hell (it says it should go before NPC mods, so... i guess it's here?)

26. Aura NPC

27. Zakrion NPC

28. Aura NPC

29. Kale NPC

30. Emily NPC

31. Indira NPC

32. Gavin BG1 NPC

33. Finch NPC

34. Isra NPC

Bristlelick NPC

35. Imoen 4ever (the version for Siege of D. only - NOT BGII)

36. UI Bubb's spell men

37. The Boareskyr Bridge Scene

38. Cowled Menace (It says in ReadMe, after NPC Mods. Seeing that it is a mod for the first game does that mean, after NPC for BG1 only or any NPC mods in general including the ones for BGII?)

39. The Gorgon's Eye

40. Made in Heaven - Encounters&Quests

41. Tales of Anegh

42. Ajoc Minimod

43. Adventures in Papperland

44. Every Mod and Dog

45. Tower of Deception

46. Dungeon Crawl

47. Eilistraee Song

48. Back to Brynnlaw

49. Sellswords

50. Tales of Deep Garden

51. Innershade

52. White Queen

53. Bridge's Block

54. I shall never forget

55. Fishing for trouble

56. Southern Edge

57. Ooze's Lounge

58. Tangled Oak

59. The Minotaur and Lilarcor

60. Slithering Menace

61. Unusual Oddities Shop

62. Wheels of Prophecy

63. Amber NPC

64. Xan NPC

65. Branwen NPC

66. AurenAseph NPC

67. Haldamir NPC

68. Gavin for BGII

69. Arath NPC

70. Dace Linton NPC

71. Glam's NPC Pack

72. Fade NPC

73. Ashar NPC

74. Faren NPC (Also not sure if EE version exists. Hopefully because he's one of my favs)

75. Khalid NPC for BGII

76. Coran NPC for BGII

77. Helga NPC

78. Iylos NPC

79. Nephele NPC

80. Ninde NPC

81. Sarevok Friendship

82. Imoen Friendship

83. Viconia Friendship

84. Korgan Friendship

85. Lucy the Wyvern

86. Kivan and Deheriana Companions

87. Herbs and Potions for BGII

88. Darron

89. Almateria Restoration Project

90. Beaurin Legacy

91. Faren NPC

92. Yasraena NPC

93. Sir Neh'Taniel NPC

94. Angelo NPC

95. Crossmod Banter Pack

96. Heroes, theives and moneylenders

97. Fading Promises

98. Test your mettle

99. G3 Anniversary Mod

100. Grey the Dog NPC

101. Portrait portraits everywhere

102. IWDification

103. Tweaks Anthology

104. Hidden Adventures (I Think it should be after Tweaks??)

105. Worldmap

106. Generalised Biffing (?) - Do EE version needs it?

I know it is quite a lot and that is what scares me a little bit. I did my best to put it in order but I have to be sure that nothing is wrong with it. Let me know please.
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