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Rep - Dorn leaving

Is rep supposed to go +1 when Dorn leaves? I lost 1 when he joined and I thought I got this back when he left, but it didn't happen. Is there a particular way to get him out of the party ?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,024
    Not in BG2EE. Having Dorn leave in BGEE refunds the 2-rep hit for taking him in (as part of his leaving dialogue), but there's no refund in BG2EE. That reputation hit you took for picking up a guy who wanted to violently crash a wedding is permanent.

    That just leaves you with the usual methods for raising your reputation once you're done with Dorn - you can donate to churches or you can do quests that people like. "Sorry we murdered those people. Here's some gold."
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