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Need CLUA code of the NPC Rededge

Hello there,
i'm facing a bug with Narlen's quest... He doesn't spawn next to the Splurging Sturgeon. I "summoned" him with the CLUA code, he walks in the house but then nothing, flamming fist guard doesn't come and so I'm stuck.
I remember I had had this bug a while ago, and had fixed it by summoning Narlen's teammate Rededge... But I can't remember his clua code, can anyone help ? "REDEDGE" isn't know ingame (and if there's a list somewhere with all the clua code for characters, it would be nice)


  • SeldarSeldar Member Posts: 438
    Forget about that !

    The CLUA code is REDEDG without the E at the end. And yes it worked !
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