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Unofficial rule book of cheese

KandraxKandrax Member Posts: 3
So, after I rediscovered this gem and got my modding (cosmetics) and stuff done, I’m about ready for my first real playthrough.

But the biggest factor with these type of games is basically to restrain yourself, or ‘minding your manners’.

I never played BG1, only played BG2 some 20 years ago as teenager, I never got to rescue Imoen, basically all I did was goof around in the game and then I got distracted with other stuff and/or games.

But I can clearly remember things like zoning in and out to make enemy casters burn through their spellbook, quick save resting (reload and rest again if ambushed) and so on.

So what’s y’all’s opinion on what constitutes cheese and what as ‘smart use of mechanics’, I think that this might actually be a very thin line tho.

Specifically when it comes to kiting: obviously setting up 5 archers and letting an enemy chase you while he’s being fired at is cringe. But what about ‘light’ use of kiting, or do you think that anything but standing there and letting the stats and dice decide the outcome is cheese?

Also, even if you’re not doing a hardcore no reload-run, but what would you usually not reload, even if something undesirable happened?
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