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Dragomir Turned to stone

So, upon recruiting Hexxat, I umm.. accidentally turned Dragomir to stone with a Chromatic Orb. This in turn blew up his cloak.

Other then loading the item in via cheats, is there anything I can do to get a new cloak for Hexxat?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,801
    If you didn't attack the statue, you can unpetrify it and then kill Dragomir to retrieve any loot.

    This is also an odd loophole in multiple ways. First, critical items don't get destroyed when a creature is petrified and shattered ... but the cloak isn't flagged as critical, so that protection isn't there. Second, the standard undead immunity item RING95 includes petrification immunity ... but the VAMPREG immunity item doesn't, and that's what Dragomir has. Oops.

    What will happen, if you've truly destroyed the cloak ... when you free the real Hexxat, she'll move to around where Dragomir was. Then she'll try to pick the cloak up, fail, and move to the Copper Coronet without talking to the party at all. You'll have a chance to recruit her after she arrives, though she probably won't be a good choice as a long-term party member unless you cheat in the cloak (code OHHCLOAK). Her quest is still viable, since all the action is inside where she doesn't need the cloak.
  • rathe101rathe101 Member Posts: 61
    Well, guess I found a bug then. Good to know its definitely something that shouldn't have happened.

    I ended up just loading the cloak into the game via the console, as she's supposed to have it. Thanks for the reply!
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,801
    Is it a bug? I'm not sure. The thing about that "critical" flag is that when a character leaves the party, any critical items they were holding are handed back to the party. Hexxat wouldn't do that with her cloak, so leaving the flag off feels right.

    Vampires in general, and Dragomir specifically, being petrifiable? That's more questionable, but it's consistent across multiple versions of the immunity item.

    ... I'll raise it as a question for the EE Fixpack, and see what other people think.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,460
    Oooh I remember I have encountered this bug like 4-5 years ago, and still it is not fixed.

    I think making Dragomir immune to petrification is the easiest solution.

    Making the cloak quest item will ensure the item survives everything, but will cause Hexxat to give the cloak back to player when dismissed from the party, and she may start taking damage from the sun while out of the party. Hmm, or just add a script to Dragomir to drop its cloak if petrified or frozen and shattered.

    I think vampires should be petrifiable in general, they have flesh and blood. But they have the ability to turn into gasous form, so they can use the ability to escape from the petrified state, if it is considered as an at-will ability...I guess that depends on the dungeon master's opinion on table top play. Zombies and ghouls and wights too should be petrifiable. But skeletons, liches (who are mostly skeletal) and incorporal stuff like shadow/wraith/spectre types should be immune.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,973
    one way to get pass this is to turn the "gore" option off in settings, this makes it so enemies can't get "chunked" and will make it so if they die a petrified death or an ice death, you still get all of their items
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