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Options for plus three weapons


Hi my playthrough on my to do list is to go to De Arnise keep where I know I'll need a few plus three weapon for fighting an iron golem.

So far I have: Lilacor +3 and Nalia has the 5th level mage spell that can summon a +3 longsword. Possibly I can have Flail of Ages to +3 at that point or is the iron golems treasure one of the flail heads needed to get to +3?

I know I need to be prepared because if I don't loot the whole keep I think that maybe after the quests are all cleared that's my only chance?

Party in case it matters:

Main Cavalier (Two Handed Sword, some blunt weapon?)
Jaheira (later switch to Mazzy) Quarterstaff, club (Mazzy shortsword)
Anomen (flail)


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,024
    All right, weapons that can hit an iron golem in chapter 2/3 SoA. I'll make a list. Sorted by proficiency within each accessibility group.
    In addition to all weapons on this list, an Enchant Weapon spell can give any characters' weapons a +3 enchantment for its duration. Or ... at least, that's what it does on recent patches. Summoning a +3 melee weapon is an older implementation of the spell, and I'm not sure when it was changed other than "before my time". In the current version of the game, that'll just make the target able to hit the golem with anything they're using - no change to hit or damage, but you can stick with your favorite weapons. Even if they're ranged.

    From merchants, not locked behind any major quest:
    - Axe of Hrothgar +3 (Axe, buy from Joluv, cost 37450 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Azuredge +3 (Throwing axe, buy from Bernard after CC quest, good only, cost 3500 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Stonefire +3 (Axe, buy from Bernard after CC quest, cost 4780 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Firetooth +4 (Crossbow, buy from Sister Garlena atop Watcher's Keep, cost 14575 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Defender of Easthaven +3 (Flail, buy from Joluv, cost 42000 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Harmonium Halberd +3 (Halberd, buy from Diedre, cost 14000 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Blade of Roses +3 (Long sword, buy from Bernard after CC quest, cost 7000 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Staff of Rhynn +4 (Quarterstaff, buy from Ribald, cost 22275 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Staff of Arundel +3 (Quarterstaff, druid only, buy from Joluv, cost 28000 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Martial Staff +3 (Quarterstaff, buy from Black Market Thief on CC roof, cost 8525 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Cleric's Staff +3 (Quarterstaff, buy from Mistress Ada at the Talos temple, cost 8525 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Kachiko's Wakizashi +3 (Wakizashi, buy from Joluv, cost 35000 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Ninjato of the Scarlet Brotherhood +3 (Ninjato, buy from Joluv, monk only, cost 28000 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Short Sword of Mask +4 (Short sword, buy from Sister Garlena atop Watcher's Keep, cost 41800 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Sling of Everard +5 (Sling, buy from Joluv, cost 35000 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Spear of Kuldahar +3 (Spear, buy from Joluv, cost 16800 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Joril's Dagger +3 (Two-handed sword, buy from Joluv, cost 32200 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    Most of these are far too expensive to buy early, but the two axes Bernard has are very cheap for what they do. The Blade of Roses is another good one, and the two generic +3 staves aren't too bad.

    In hostile areas, not locked behind any major quest:
    - 10 +3 bullets, 20 +3 arrows, 20 +3 bolts (Watcher's Keep level 1)
    - Crimson Dart +3 (Dart, Watcher's Keep level 1)
    - Celestial Fury +3 (Katana, Guarded Compound in the temple district)
    - Staff of the Magi (Quarterstaff, mage only, Twisted Rune lair)
    - Spear +3 (Spear, 2x in Guarded Compound)
    - Lilarcor +3 (Two-handed sword, sewers under CC)
    - Cursed Berserking Sword +3 (Two-handed sword, party in the Den of the Seven Vales)
    Difficulty varies, of course. The Guarded Compound is a serious fight, and I wouldn't recommend the Twisted Rune lair at all before chapter 6.

    In de'Arnise Keep:
    - Frostreaver +3 (Axe, treasure room, wakes flesh and stone golem)
    - Flail of Ages +3 (Flail, split up, can be assembled without waking any of the golems)
    - Kneecapper +1 (Hammer, treasure room, wakes flesh and stone golem)
    The variable enchantment on that hammer works in your favor here; the golems all count as "giant humanoids". So do the trolls. And the treasure that wakes up the iron golem is the Elven Court Bow, which is completely useless to your party except as something to sell.

    Mae'var's Guildhall quest:
    - The Shadow's Blade +3 (Short sword, reward for eliminating Mae'var)

    Trademeet quests:
    - Blackblood +3 (Club, bought from merchant after saving town, cost 15500 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Dwarven Thrower +3 (Throwing hammer, dwarf only, bought from merchant after saving town, cost 18600 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Tansheron's Bow +3 (Shortbow, bought from merchant after saving town, cost 7750 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Cleric's Staff +3 (Quarterstaff, dropped by rakshasa)
    - Martial Staff +3 (Quarterstaff, bought from merchant after saving town, cost 8525 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    - Staff of Striking +3 (Quarterstaff, bought from merchant after saving town with 25 charges, cost 3875 before charisma/reputation modifiers)
    Lots of goodies, mostly from one particular shop that is particularly easy to shoplift from. Boost Jan's skill to 130, and he'll never get caught looting that merchant to the ground. Or if you're feeling honest, the bow is a great value and you did earn a lot of gold saving the town.

    Unseeing Eye quest:
    - Dragon's Bane +3 (Halberd, in beholder lair)

    Shade temple and Planar Sphere quests:
    - None
    If what you need are +3 weapons, forget about heading to the Umar Hills. But don't forget your +3 weapons when you eventually go to the Planar Sphere, as iron or adamantite golems spawn there once the protagonist is over a million XP.

    Planar Prison quest:
    - Pixie Prick +3 (Dagger, first fight in the prison)

    Windspear Hills quest:
    - Hammer of Thunderbolts +3 (Hammer, hideout in Athkatla sewers unlocked by Tazok's key)
    - Carsomyr +5 (Two-handed sword, good paladin only, drop from the dragon)
    You'll want to save the dragon fight for later, as it's the last step of the paladin stronghold quest which you start on after helping out the lord there.

    Dorn's quest:
    - Water's Edge +3 (Scimitar, kill Azothet)

    Hexxat's quest:
    - The Jade Fang +3 (Dagger, first tombwalk destination)

    Neera's quest:
    - Staff of Striking +3 (Staff, buy from Gul Dukeem with 5 charges, cost 825 before charisma/reputation modifiers)

    Rasaad's quest:
    - None

    Act 3 main quest:
    - Rifthome +3 (Throwing axe, drop from Arkanis Gath if you side with Bodhi)
    - Mace of Disruption +1 (Mace, hits as +3, in vampire lair)
    - Mace of Disruption +2 (Mace, hits as +5, crafted using MoD +1 and illithium)

    Watcher's Keep:
    - +3 arrows, +3 bolts, +3 and +4 bullets: various locations
    - Foebane +3 (Bastard sword, level 1 boss fight)
    - Dagger +3 (Dagger, level 1 boss fight if all the statues are there)
    - Usuno's Blade +4 (Ninja-to, level 1 boss fight)
    - Purifier +4 (Bastard sword, good paladin only, level 3)
    - Spectral Brand +4 (Scimitar, level 3)
    - Axe of the Unyielding +3 (Axe, level 4)
    - Dagger of the Star +4 (Dagger, level 4)
    - Angurvadal +4 (Long sword, level 4)
    - Storm Star +3 (Mace, level 4)
    - Staff of the Ram +4 (Staff, level 4)
    - Ixil's Nail +4 (Spear, level 4)
    - Ir'rev'rykal +5 (Two-handed sword, evil paladin only, level 4)
    - Club of Detonation +3 (Club, level 5)
    - Hindo's Doom +3 (Katana, level 5)
    Watcher's Keep has tons of stuff, but you probably don't want to go very deep. The level 1 boss fight is already a serious challenge intended for high level characters, and it just gets more dangerous from there. Some generic +3 items also drop, but I haven't bothered naming them beyond the first floor. By the time you can take on these fights, a vanilla +3 item just doesn't really matter anymore.


    So ... what to do with all this? First, I should note that the iron golem in the keep is unusually tough. It has significantly higher physical resistance than other iron golems you encounter later. It's not hard to hit (AC 3), but trading blows with it while at a relatively low level is a bad idea. The easiest way to kill it is to use the narrow door against it, pelting it with ranged attacks. To that end, buying Azuredge is your safest bet. Have your Cavalier throw that axe repeatedly ... it should only take around half an in-game hour.
    Stealthy melee attacks can also work, but the iron golem hits for 4d10+12 damage, with a long reach and no weapon speed delay. There's always a risk you'll be hit before you can get away, and a critical hit might well kill either of your thieves in a single blow if they don't have stoneskin protections up.
    In a more general melee, pay close attention to who's getting targeted and retreat anyone that takes significant damage. Summoning some fodder to take hits for you may be wise as well, and the mages should definitely have stoneskins up. Also, if the golem uses its Gas Cloud ability, anyone without poison immunity or a very good death save should retreat.
    The golem's weak spot? Only one attack per round. That attack is at THAC0 -3 so it's very likely to hit, but you can overwhelm it with sheer numbers. Don't be afraid to throw out some buffs, too. You may not be able to affect the golem with spells, but you can help your party out quite a lot.

    If you go there without any additional preparation, you'll have Lilarcor for your Cavalier, the Flail of Ages for Anomen, the Kneecapper hammer for Aerie, and whatever Enchant Weapon spells you have prepared for the rest. You could probably make it work, but getting another warrior with a good weapon is recommended. Trademeet is the best option, since you can find one +3 weapon and buy two more to get everyone in the party kitted out for the fight. If you recruit Mazzy, she'll be able to use the Frostreaver axe but won't be terribly effective due to lack of proficiency.
  • masteralephmasteraleph Member Posts: 227
    It's worth noting that the golems only activate when you take an item from that room other than the Flail head (the flail head doesn't trigger them). So you can safely take the flail head and forge the flail. Also, you don't need to fight them all at once- you can actually knock them off one at a time by attacking them one at a time.

    In terms of other +3 items available to you without doing quests other than the Copper Coronet/slum district sewer/slave ship, which you seem to have done:

    1) Lilarcor as you've noted

    2) Both the Kneecapper (Hammer +1/+4 vs giant humanoids) and Frostreaver (Axe +3) can be found in that room and work against the iron golem, though note that taking either will trigger the golems

    3) Bernard in the Copper Coronet (assuming that you freed Hendak), Ribald in the Adventurer's Mart, Joluv in the CC, and Deidre in the AM all sell +3 or higher weapons. Deidre and Joluv's weapons in particular tend to be quite expensive and you may not have the gold available. Ribald does sell the Staff of Rhynn +4, which may be affordable if you have a high Cha/good Rep, though you probably haven't stacked your rep too high yet. Bernard sells Stonefire +3 (axe), Blade of Roses +3 (Axe), and Azuredge +3 (Axe, throwable). Note that Cavaliers can use Azuredge, and of course one strategy, especially if you kill off the other golems in the room first, is to activate the golems, book it out the door where the iron golem will get stuck, and then use Azuredge as a throwing weapon from out of its reach (I don't think this works with SCS but I could be wrong)
  • claudiusclaudius Member Posts: 82
    Wow these are great posts with information I can use in De Arnise Keep and also good information about locations and weapons in general. I played SToA before but it was a long time ago. Thanks!
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