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I'm a solo monk opening hardest chest

Can't be done without a thief right? Any options please help.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,829
    Locks of difficulty 90 or above are impossible without a thief or a mage (Knock). Monks can at least use giant strength potions; combined with the DUHM Bhaalspawn ability, 25 strength is achievable reasonably often.
    25 strength gets you a bash chance of 80; add a random value between 0 and 9 to get the power of any given unlock attempt. If that matches or exceeds the lock's difficulty, it opens.

    Locked containers in the standard BGEE campaign with 90 or more difficulty:
    - AR0101 (Silvershield estate ground floor): two chests in left room. Loot: gold, gems and jewelry, potion of magic blocking, potion of invulnerability.
    - AR0102 (Silvershield estate upper floor): chest by door in Skie's room. Loot: gold, cloak of protection +1.
    - AR0108 (Ducal Palace ground floor): chest in main hall. Loot: gold, gems.
    - AR0111 (Ducal Palace basement): treasury chest. Loot: >9000 gold, gems, +1 shield, magic arrows.
    - AR0512 (Durlag's Tower, doppelganger level): chest by Kiel's tomb. Loot: Kiel's buckler, Kiel's morning star, gold, potions of healing.
    - AR0512 (Durlag's Tower, doppelganger level): wardrobe in Islanne's room next to entrance. Loot: scrolls of Domination, Spirit Armor, Remove Curse, and Monster Summoning 2, gold, Adventurer's Robe, magical darts and bullets.
    - AR0608 (Flaming Fist HQ, upstairs): chest in room farthest from stairs. Loot: long sword, gold, splint mail +1.
    - AR1502 (Balduran's ship, second level): chest near bottom of area. Loot: Bracers of Binding.
    - AR1803 (Cloakwood mines, Davaeorn's lair): chest by bed. Loot: Wand of Fear.
    - AR3323 (Beregost, ground floor of generic house next to Red Sheaf Inn): chest near stairs. Loot: Diamond.

    I don't see anything that a monk should particularly care about in all of that. You'll miss out on some things you maybe could have sold, but that's it. The only unique piece in such a container that a monk can even equip is the Bracers of Binding, a cursed item with strictly detrimental effects.

    And because the search I ran included SoD too, here's the same for that campaign:
    - BD0109 (Elfsong Tavern, first floor): chest near stairs. Loot: gold.
    - BD0116 (Ducal Palace, basement): treasury chest. Loot: gold, gems and jewelry.
    - BD0130 (Tomb safehouse, lower floor): two chests in secret area. Loot: Full Plate Armor, Helm of Unwavering Purpose, Sword of Ruin +2, potion of fire giant strength, potion of invulnerability.
    - BD0130 (Tomb safehouse, lower floor): chest in Korlasz' library. Loot: 3000 gold, Laeral's Tear Necklace, scrolls of Minor Sequencer, Secret Word, and Animate Dead.
    - BD4100 (Dragonspear Castle, upper floor): chest in bottom-most room. Loot: the gold you lost at the beginning of the campaign.
    - BD4100 (Dragonspear Castle, upper floor): two chests in left-most room. Loot: potions of extra healing, potions of storm giant strength, potions of clarity, magic arrows including +3.
    - BD4300 (Dragonspear Castle, basement): chest in Hephernaan's room. Loot: scrolls of Spell Immunity, Lower Resistance, and Spell Shield.
    - BD4300 (Dragonspear Castle, basement): chest by water supply. Loot: potion of fortitude, potion of absorption, random potion.
    - BD4300 (Dragonspear Castle, basement): chest in food supply room. Loot: magic bolts, including +3.
    - BD4300 (Dragonspear Castle, basement): chest in room to the right. Loot: magic bullets, including +3.
    - BD5200 (The Warrens): chest near bed. Loot: magic arrows, including +3 and detonation.
    - BD5200 (The Warrens): crate to the left on lift level. Loot: magic bullets, including +3.
    - BD5200 (The Warrens): chest by weapon racks on bottom level. Loot: magic bolts, including +3.
    - BD7410 (Vampire Hideout): two chests in back room. Loot: gems, gold, Sundermaul +3, Small Shield +2, scroll of Confusion.

    You miss out on some nice consumables and gold, but nothing more than that. The only unique pieces in containers with lock difficulty 90+ in the campaign can't be used by monks.

    I also checked for doors with lock difficulty 90+.
    - AR0512 (Durlag's Tower, doppelganger level): door between throne room and torture room. Also opened by scripted events and levers.
    - BD0120 (Tomb Safehouse, upper floor): door to mummy room, required for advancement. Also unlocked with a key, or by convincing Porios to surrender.
    - BD1200 (Lich Outpost): door leading to phylactery storage. Also unlocked with a key.

    In all three cases, that's a door that can be unlocked by plot means, with a shortcut if you have a skilled thief.
  • LongspursLongspurs Member Posts: 15
    Well I tried the to finish durlags tower but you must be able to open one chest that has pieces to go further in the tower but wouldn't open and I had 25 strength, I started game over and gonna make imoen 100 open locks and 60 traps after that I will put her in a inn and come back when I go back to tower.
  • LongspursLongspurs Member Posts: 15
    Oh sorry space is limited is there any chest I can store stuff when I need stored stuff for later.
  • LongspursLongspurs Member Posts: 15
    I was thinking why don't the Dev's make dual classes with rogues and the others that can't open locks, just saying. Thanks for all the help.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,829
    edited December 2022
    Eh, why not? I ran the same search for BG2EE:

    Pickable container locks with difficulty at least 90:
    - AR0202 (Unseeing Eye cult hideout): chest in cultist bedchamber, 2nd from left. Loot: gold, magic arrows.
    - AR0202 (Unseeing Eye cult hideout): table in Gaal's chamber. Loot: gold, scrolls of Slow and Protection from Normal Missiles.
    - AR0202 (Unseeing Eye cult hideout): two chests in defectors' bedchamber. Loot: gold, magic bolts, scroll of Lower Resistance, low-quality random treasure.
    - AR0303 (Mae'var's guildhall second floor): two of the "practice" containers. Loot: gold, gems, potions of master thievery.
    - AR0305 (Shadow Thief guildhall ground floor): two chests at back of entrance room. Loot: gold, gems.
    - AR0306 (Shadow Thief guildhall second floor): four of the five chests (90 each). Loot: potions of extra healing, potions of fire resistance, potions of agility, gold, gems.
    - AR0306 (Shadow Thief guildhall second floor): fifth chest (96). Loot: gold, random treasure. Can be opened with the cellar key.
    - AR0308 (Harper hall ground floor): eye painting. Loot: Helm of Charm Protection.
    - AR0309 (Harper hall upper floor): two chests in barracks room. Loot: random treasure, magic arrows, magic darts, Montaron's body (after Xzar is dead).
    - AR0312 (Arledrian's room): chest and drawers. Loot: Wand of Magic Missiles, gold, gems and jewelry.
    - AR0322 (Thief stronghold ground floor): chest by bar. Loot: random treasure.
    - AR0324 (Thief stronghold top floor): three chests. Loot: random treasure.
    - AR0327 (Shadow Thief guildhall ground floor, if you sided with Bodhi): all three chests. Loot: random treasure.
    - AR0328 (Shadow Thief guildhall second floor, if you sided with Bodhi): four of five chests. Loot: potions of extra healing, potions of fire resistance, potions of agility, gold, gems. The fifth chest still has random treasure, but now can only be opened with the cellar key.
    - AR0329 (Aran Linvail's hideout, if you sided with Bodhi): Aran's safe. Loot: random treasure.
    - AR0401 (Jansen house cellar): chest and one crate. Loot: an elixir of health.
    - AR0406 (Copper Coronet): table by Llynis. Loot: scrolls of Luck and Resist Fear, random treasure, emerald, greenstone ring.
    - AR0505 (Saerk Farrahd's house, upper floor): safe. Loot: 1250 gold, star sapphire, ruby ring.
    - AR0700 (Waukeen's Promenade): chest by Lord and Lady Ophal. Loot: nothing.
    - AR0712 (Den of the Seven Vales, upper floor): central chest. Loot: four +1 arrows.
    - AR0808 (Bodhi's hideout, Chapter 6 version): chest by red skeletons, near blocked entrance. Loot: scrolls of Ray of Enfeeblement and Minor Spell Deflection, wooden stake.
    - AR0904 (Temple of Talos): chest by door in farthest room from entrance. Loot: potion of storm giant strength, protection from cold scroll.
    - AR0907 (Guarded Compound, upper floor): safe. Loot: 666 gold, wand of fear, arrows of fire.
    - AR0907 (Guarded Compound, upper floor): shelf in room near bottom of area. Loot: +2 sling, 10 +2 bullets.
    - AR0907 (Guarded Compound, upper floor): chest at foot of green bed. Loot: wand of frost, 10 darts of wounding.
    - AR1006 (Jysstev estate): chest at foot of right bed. Loot: potion of extra healing.
    - AR1303 (de'Arnise Keep, second floor): shelf by stairs down. Loot: random treasure, nonmagical arrows, bolts, and throwing weapons.
    - AR1307 (Fighter stronghold, second floor): shelf by stairs down. Loot: nothing.
    - AR1800 (North Forest): altar by vampires/genies. Loot: lots of high-quality random treasure.
    - AR2001 (Trademeet smithy): two chests. Loot: random treasure.
    - AR2901 (Fear trial): chest on safer path. Loot: potions of extra healing, fire giant strength, and invulnerability. Can also be opened using the Cloak of Bravery as a key.
    - AR3001 (Watcher's Keep, first level): shelf in ghost room. Loot: potions of extra healing, wand of sleep, random treasure, gold.
    - AR3001 (Watcher's Keep, first level): shelf in fireplace room. Loot: books, wand of the heavens.
    - AR3017 (Watcher's Keep, Machine of Lum the Mad): drawer in mimic room. Loot: potions of healing, potions of extra healing, potions of superior healing.
    - AR3017 (Watcher's Keep, Machine of Lum the Mad): right container in Rock/Garock room. Loot: Clay Golem page, random treasure, gold.
    - AR5003 (Tankard Tree tavern in Saradush): shelf by Volo. Loot: potion of superior healing, oil of speed, random treasure.
    - AR5007 (Gromnir's basement): right chest in hub room with doors on three sides. Loot: magic arrows.
    - AR5008 (Kiser's home): smaller two containers in bedroom. Loot: random treasure.
    - AR5009 (unused): two chests and a drawer. Loot: random treasure, but irrelevant because you can't reach the area.
    - AR5204 (Fire Giant temple, second level): wall chest near slave woman. Loot: Stone Golem page, gold, ruby ring, two-handed sword +2, random treasure.
    - AR5502 (Amkethran smithy): chest. Loot: assorted magic ammo, battle axe +2, long sword +1, war hammer +1, horn coral gem.
    - AR5504 (Smuggler cave): second chest from right. Loot: potions of extra healing, random treasure.
    - AR5508 (Faheed's home): wall safe. Loot: high-value gems, plate mail +1.
    - AR6111 (Woodcutter's home): left chest. Loot: Rune of Clangeddin, assorted +3 ammo, long sword +3, medium shield +2.
    - OH4101 (Twofold temple interior): chests in barracks rooms. Loot: diamond, gold, random treasure, potion of magic shielding.
    - OH4101 (Twofold temple interior): chest in Collus' room. Loot: star sapphire, gold, protection scrolls for electricity and poison, random treasure.
    - OH4200 (Dwarven clanhold exterior): crate in dwarf camp. Loot: potions of extra healing, elixirs of health, potion of clarity, potion of invulnerability, potion of magic shielding.
    - OH4210 (Dwarven clanhold interior): right chest in barracks. Loot: plate mail +1, large shield +1, random treasure, potions of extra healing, potion of frost giant strength.
    - OH6300 (Red Wizard enclave): chest in Lanneth's room. Loot: rogue stone, wand of frost, gold, traveler's robe.
    - OH7300 (Korkorran's labyrinth): chest in Umolex's room. Loot: random treasure, a random scroll.

    There are a few ToB upgrade tokens in extreme-difficulty chests, but nothing a monk can use. The golem manuals are mage-only, and the rune upgrades a hammer.

    Pickable doors with difficulty 90 or more:
    - AR1513 (Spellhold dungeon, second area): the three doors that lock you in with umber hulks. They automatically open after five rounds.
    - AR5006 (Saradush prison): one of the doors near the end. Difficulty 150, but you can just go around.
    - OH4100 (Twofold temple exterior): Wilson's cage. You can also get this cage opened through dialogue.
    - OH4101 (Twofold temple interior): Door to Collus' room. In addition to the chest noted above, this also blocks a bookshelf containing lore-relevant books of minimal value.
    - OH4210 (Dwarven clanhold interior): door to Alorgoth's room. Shelves inside contain protection scrolls against undead and acid, lore books, the Night Walkers boots, the Headband of the Devout, and the Cloak of the Dark Moon. The mage Shani is also inside; she has a +1 dagger, potions of extra healing and invisibility, and a scroll of Spellstrike. No way around this one, and the good stuff gets incinerated if you take more than a few rounds getting there.
    - OH4220 (Dwarven mine): holding pen door. This one has a key.
    - OH6300 (Red Wizard enclave): door to Lanneth's room. This one has a key.

    And this is the one place where a solo monk truly loses out. Alorgoth's room, with three unique items that a monk can use, is behind a lock with difficulty 95 and no key or other bypass. Of course, you can't be there without bending the solo rule; it's part of Rasaad's ToB quest, which requires traveling with Rasaad to open up the area.

    Longspurs wrote: »
    Well I tried the to finish durlags tower but you must be able to open one chest that has pieces to go further in the tower but wouldn't open and I had 25 strength, I started game over and gonna make imoen 100 open locks and 60 traps after that I will put her in a inn and come back when I go back to tower.
    Progressing in Durlag's Tower does not require you to pick or bash a single lock. If there's a locked door in your way, there's a lever or a key or some other script trigger to open it. If there's a locked container that doesn't have a key, it doesn't contain anything you need to make progress.
  • LongspursLongspurs Member Posts: 15
    You got to have a gong and a mallet to go deeper and it's in a chest, can't open it. But it's ok on this run I got Imoen with me. Makes me feel like cheating with her, cause of solo.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,829
    The handle is in a barrel. Not locked. The mallet head is on a shelf. Not locked. The anvil to put them together is out in the open. The gong is also out in the open. Nope, you don't need to break any locks.

    The only chest you need to unlock on that level is the one in the bedroom that has the engine switch. And that chest isn't pickable at all; it can only be opened with a key, found in a treasure pile nearby.
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    Ok thanks alot was my 1st time in there, you are very good, Yee Haa.
  • LongspursLongspurs Member Posts: 15
    Is there any chest in game we can put gear into and it won't disappear, like fire stuff or cold or electric.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,829
    All of them. As long as you can go back to the container and open it (storing things in Candlekeep is not recommended), it'll have the stuff you left in it. Containers can have an unlimited number of items.
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    Do you play a monk?
  • LongspursLongspurs Member Posts: 15
    Any tips.
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