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Viconia weapon proficiencies iPad iOS 15.7.1

Veger70Veger70 Member Posts: 2
When I leveled Viconia the option to be proficient in Flail/Morning Star was available so I selected it cuz I had a +1 Morning Star no one was using it, but she can’t equip either flails or morning stars after. Is it a bug that I could select that proficiency or is it a bug that I can’t equip it?
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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,614
    No bug. Flails and morning stars have relatively high strength requirements (13 and 11), so Viconia can't equip them unless she augments her strength somehow. Proficiency doesn't magically clear away any obstacles to using a weapon; it just means you won't take a to-hit penalty when you do wield it.
  • Veger70Veger70 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you!
  • KovanKovan Member Posts: 8
    When using Viconia go for teh hammer.
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