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Ti'vael won't speak to me

Can someone please give me the console command to set event for Ti'vael to speak to me, he appears in the temple of helm, the cutscene starts, but then he just stands there


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,024
    (Ti'Vael is one of the characters involved in the cleric stronghold questline)

    All right, how does this one work...

    Creature code: CLTIVA01. His only scripting aside from a generic combat script involves what happens if you attack him; if you do so inside the Helm or Lathander temples, those temples go hostile. His dialogue has three starting points - a first one if you haven't spoken to him, a second if the "Duelmurder" global variable is 1, and a third if "Duelmurder" is 3. "Duelmurder" is set in the first dialogue section, to 1 (kill the witnesses), 2 (turn himself in), 3 (make restitution), or 4 (ignore it). If you choose 2 or 4, you don't see him again. If you choose 1 or 3, he comes back after a couple days.

    TiVael is created by cutscenes CUT80B, CUT80E, CUT81B, CUT81E, CUT82B, and CUT82E. All of those scenes move your screen viewpoint, move the party around, create him, wait for a moment, and then tell him to talk to you. There is no EndCutSceneMode() command, so the cutscenes don't end if that last "talk to the party" command isn't executed. The different cutscenes - that's one for each combination of "which temple?" and "which time?".

    The cutscene for his first appearance is activated from your temple contact's dialogue; Acolyte Byron in this case. To get the right dialogue entry point with Byron, "Duelmurder" should be zero - if you're not getting it, the command C: SetGlobal("Duelmurder","GLOBAL",0) on the cheat/debug console will put you in the right state.
    For Ti'Vael's second appearance, the cutscene is activated from the area script. You would need global variable "Cltiva01spawn" to be zero and global timer "Cltiva01return" to be expired. But I don't think you're looking at the second appearance here.

    Now ... I actually don't think that last paragraph is relevant at all. Because what I actually think happened here is a garden-variety "broken cutscene" glitch, in which something went wrong and later parts of the cutscene script weren't executed. There's on way to force that cutscene to end in-game, and the only way out is a force quit. Which means you're reloading a save from before the cutscene happened, and just repeating it will most likely get you past the problem. After all, this is a glitch; it doesn't happen reliably unless the cutscene's script is broken in some way, and my look at the scene in question didn't turn up any obvious issues that could break it that way.

    TL:DR - just reload your latest save and talk to Acolyte Byron again. It'll probably work.
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